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Doctoral Program

1.Regulations of Qualification and Degree Examinations for Graduate Students of Doctoral Program
2.Table of Compulsory Courses(Applicable for Students Starting in School Year 103)
3.Course Structure (Master’s Degree, Doctoral Program Course, International Master's Program in Electric Power Engineering)
※Case officer: Lin, Ya-Wen (extension: 4108)

Doctoral Program Thesis Point Calculation Method

1. Electronics Group
2. Control Group
3. Net & Multi Media Group
4. Power Group
5. EM Wave Group

6. Communications
7. SOC Group

※Case officer: Lin, Ya-Wen (extension: 4108)

Apply Degree Examinations

1.Department of Electrical Engineering Graduate Student Notes and Forms for Degree Examination Application

2.Apply Online

※Case officer: Lin, Ya-Wen (extension: 4108)

Seminar Course Seminar course options

If there are further questions, please contact the department office.
※Case officer: Hung, Chi-Ying (extension: 4104)